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Thursday, April 8, 2010

HERSHEY....yummy! and fun!

Who doesn't love chocolate??? well, I guess there might be a few people that don't.....???....hmmmm but they are weird, right??

What's not to love about a place that is designed around a chocolate company??  Chocolate shaped lights, the scent of chocolate in the air, chocolate scented flowers,etc.

We traveled to Hershey, PA as part of our Honeymoon trip in 2005.  We visited the amusement park, the zoo, the flower gardens, took the trolley tour, visited the museum and many other attractions. 

I love themes, I love to see a theme carried out.  So going to Hershey was very fulfilling (in many ways, lol).  It was a fun, relaxing way to spend several days with the one you love!  I highly recommend visiting there.

I have a small silver Hershey kiss on my charm bracelet to remind me of the time we spent there.

Lee and me with a huge Reece's cup while on our Honeymoon in Hershey, PA