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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jingle Bellz & Jolly Elves

Do you know about Elf on the Shelf?

Do you have elves living at your house?? We do!  at least for the holiday season, then they will head back home to the North Pole to hang out with Santa.  

Santa sent ours at the beginning of December, we came home one day and they were waiting at the front door for us!  Jingle Bellz and Jolly Elves are the names my kids bestowed upon them. We even registered them in the Book of Elves on the Elf on the Shelf website.  And then Santa sent us a letter! (one you could print out) (Jingle Bellz is actually a reincarnated elf that grew up with my father, I added a little pink felt.... and *bam*, it's a Girl!)  My children have a great time with these elves living in our home!  I have caught them reading to the elves, tattling to the elves, leaving candy and toys for them!  It is so much fun to figure out where they are hiding and to wonder what they have been doing.  Also, seems like their behavior has been pretty good since they fear the elves will tell Santa if they are Naughty! 

If you have an elf in your house, what's his/her name and have your children enjoyed tradition?

The elves brought the kids candy canes one day

One day Jake's elf brought him a hotwheel and Julz's elf brought her Tinkerbell
undies since she has been doing such a great job potty training!

When You Can't Fix It

Recently, my husband was wrongly accused of doing something that could make his business look bad.  He had two upset people calling him one night.  It was so disheartening to hear my husband on the phone with these people trying to make things right.  At one point he was hung up on.  After that I begged him, "please let me call them."  Which he finally conceded.  And I did.  Did it help?  I don't know.  Did it make it worse?  I don't think so.  Did it ruin our night? yes.

I came away from this experience knowing that one day, in the future, when someone does one of my children wrong, and I can't fix will be a very bad, sad day.  I'm a fixer.  I like for everyone to be happy.  I don't want someone to be upset with me or someone I love.