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Friday, September 17, 2010

More Holes in My Head

The history of my piercings:

When I was 11 years old, I was permitted to finally get my ears pierced.  I don't remember much about the event.  I believe it was a trip to the mall and sitting at a jewelry counter in a big department store. (2 holes) 

When I was a little older I wanted to get my second holes done, but my Mom said, "no".  So, one weekend when I was at my Dad's, I think I was around 14 years old, I decided my friend and I would pierce my ears.  So there I sat in my Dad's tiny little bathroom with ice cubes on my ears.  Angela was supposed to shove the needle through my ear, but needle in hand against my ear....she chickened out.  (!!!)  I really wanted this piercing, so determined as I was, I tried it myself....I couldn't get the needle through my ear, so in my young wisdom I ended up with a large diaper pin.....(ouch)....but it worked!  even though it was a large pin that did the piercing, I couldn't get the stud earring in, only a fish hook type.  Needless to say, I only did one, that was enough pain inflicted on me, by myself. (+1=3 holes) (And I remember that night we went dancing at a place in Roanoke for teens called Club 19 and after dancing all night that earring hanging out of the new piercing....ouch!)

At times that I don't recall over the years, I ended up getting the second hole done on the other side.  And then my third holes. (+3=6)  These occurred sometime by my mid-20's.  

When I was 28, I quit smoking (a 14 year habit).  After six months of no cigarettes, I gifted myself with a cartlidge piercing.  I went to a tattoo shop to have this one done, after doing much research and learning that it was safer to have the piercing done with a needle opposed to a piercing gun.  (+1=7)

After gaining about 30 lbs over the five years after I quit smoking, I joined WW and lost it.  So six months later I gifted myself with a navel piercing.  That one was pretty painful!  Technically it's two holes, but only considered one piercing. (+1=8)

After attending a customer appreciation day at the tattoo parlor, I was called and informed I'd won $100 of piercings!  oh wow!  what to pierce? after much consideration and internet research, plus permission from my boss for one of them, I made my decisions.  So on September 3rd, 2010, I went in and had my nostril, tragus and lobes pierced.  The nostril hurt the most.  The tragus wasn't nearly as bad as I though it would be, just a lot of pressure.  And my lobes now have four on each side.  (+4=12)
(I don't really like this pic of me)
The nostril piercing hurt more than the others!
The tragus didn't hurt as bad as I anticipated.
These pics were right after I got the four new ones. I done yet?  maybe....maybe not!

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