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Monday, September 6, 2010

to clean or not to clean.....

When you walk in the door you see newspapers, a pile of clothes, a stack of books, an item that shouldn't be there, a toy here, a toy there, a crumb, a smudge....comfy furniture, flowing curtains, beautiful walls, family photos.  This is my home, from room to is much the same.  

Why? there are lots of reasons...excuses....laziness is a huge part of it.  Having little people in the house has really made it worse.  I like things, books, clothes, etc.  But, generally I don't acquire too many personal items.  But, when you have children they are always getting things....birthdays, Christmas, other holidays, etc.  

I don't like my home to look like this.  I like to have visitors....but when it's like this....not so much.  I know my husband hates it.  I always have good intentions....I was off all summer...but it is still not any better.  Now that I'm back to work, it will be harder.

Lee is afraid our home will be like the show don't think it will ever be that extreme!  

Maybe one day it will be better.  My baby girl likes to put things away and organize...maybe she will motivate me.  Hopefully something will motivate me.  I'm really motivated a few times a year when we have birthday party's and Christmas celebrations.  

Maybe, I just need to plan for a get together every couple of weeks, maybe that would work!

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