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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Girl

February 5, 2008, from an older blog
I really can't wait for Baby Girl to arrive.  I'm really over being pregnant.  When I was pregnant with Jake, I could have stayed pregnant for a long time, wouldn't have bothered me.  But, this time is different.  I think maybe she is bigger, or she likes to be up in my ribs more, bounce on my bladder more, etc.  I'm just getting really tired and kinda miserable.  Some people at work say I look like I'm gonna pop!  That's the way I feel. 

I'm pretty much ready now.  Mostly packed.  Did my belly cast the other day.  I love belly casts, I think they are so cool!  I do still have a dresser I need to paint, just got it last night from my Dad.  It was my dresser when I was a baby, then we used it for my sis, then my sis used it for her baby.  So I'm really excited to get to use it. 

I think Joey is looking forward to being a big bro again, he wants a cuddly baby...Jake isn't cuddly...too busy all the time.

I'm so worried about how Jake will handle a new baby in the house.  I hope he isn't too jealous.  I know he will be.  But, I hope it's not too bad.  They will be 21 months apart.

I'm hoping my labor and delivery go well.  I will have a doula again.  My doula, Degra, from last time is in Texas studying to be a Midwife.  So I have a different doula, Autumn, this time.  But, I think we will all be fine together.  I just hope when I go into the hospital I get a decent doctor.  One that is open minded and supportive of natural childbirth.  I still wish I was having her at home, but hubby wouldn't go for that.

I'm also anxious to have a name for her.  Hopefully the hubby and I will come to an agreement on a name soon.  :)

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