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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids or Secrets?

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My parents kept my kids for a little while last night.  When we got there to pick up the kids, my mom says, "you know you can either have kids or you can have secrets, you can't have both".  

Hmmmm, I'm thinking...why is she saying this.... mom proceeds to tell us, "Julz told me tonite that Daddy doesn't wear underwear", lol!!!  I thought I was going to die!  my husband says, "that's not something I wanted my mother-in-law to know". (my daughter is almost three)

It's true though....the kids/secret part.  I've worked with children (elementary age) for 17 years.  One thing I've learned is they will tell you anything and everything.  They will tell you things you know their parents would not want being told.  

Makes me wonder what mine say at daycare, lol!

Have your kids ever told any secrets on you??

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  1. You know I love Lee but that is something I didn't need to know either! LOL. Andrea hasn't told any of my secrets YET! But it was something my mom fussed about my entire childhood was how I would tell people stuff.