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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Babies, Old and Ugly"

I went out the other night with some girlfriends to have a few drinks and listen to a band. (First girls night out in Forever!!) Three of us are married/in relationships.  One wasn't.  So she was "looking".  She pointed out to me that there aren't many options in our age group (35-40).  She asked me to look around the packed room and tell her what I saw....I looked....wasn't sure what her point was.  So, I asked her what she saw and her answer was, "Babies, old men and ugly men", (babies=college boys).  Lol, she did have a point.  There were some cute guys....too young.  Older and unattractive men.  Honestly, not many "lookers"/"eye candy" in our age range.  I. Am. So. Glad. I'm. Not. LOOKING!!  I know that looks certainly aren't everything.  But, when you are looking, there needs to be some physical attraction.  Again, let me restate how happy I am....that....I'm....NOT....Looking!!!  Of course, no lie, I did really enjoy helping her look.  It was fun to say, "hey what about that one?", "how about him?", etc., but I love my man.  And I wouldn't trade him for the world.  :)

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