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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love for Books

Anyone that knows me, even barely knows me....probably knows that I love books!! 

I especially love children's books.  I am a library assistant in an elementary school, where I have worked for nine years.  I handle hundreds of books in my hands every day.  Thousands a week.  Just since September, approximately 13,000 books have circulated in the library.

I, also, have over 500 children's books in my home. (to my husband's dismay!)

Because of my love for books, I would like to share some book reviews with you on occasion.  I thought initially I should pick some of my favorite books to review....but how do I narrow that down?  I can't.  Just can't.  I like tooooooo many!  So, I decided that the way I would go about doing this is to randomly pick a book as it comes across my desk in my daily work that interests me.  No real rhyme or reason, just something that appeals to me.  And I will, also, let you know what my children think about the books and even the school kids, too.  (I will refrain from reading other reviews of the book before I write mine, so as not to cloud my view of the book.)

Stay tuned:  soon I will be posting a review of the book The Girl in the Castle inside the Museum by Kate Bernheimer.

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